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Top Songs of 2011
Lady Gaga

So I did this a couple of years ago & for some reason people liked it, and so did I. I really enjoyed summing up my year in 10 songs/artists. As I said in 2009, it’s not just picking the singles it’s the why I’ve picked them. This year there have been so many songs I’ve loved, so many I’ve related to and actually there have been a couple of really stunning covers.

Under the cut you'll find some obvious, & some not so. Enjoy my opinions!

LADY GAGA – Born This Way

This song is one of the single most amazing songs I’ve heard. When I first heard it I fell in love with it, it was just everything finally clicked for me. It made me feel confident, some of the lyrics are really personal and it’s become somewhat of an anthem for me over the last 12 months. I love it, so much & it’s definitely one of the strongest singles (and albums) of the year!




The best comeback single ever. This is one of the single most beautiful, brilliant, wonderful singles of the year. Waiting for Florence’s album was actually torture for me, and something I was quite worried about – I mean what if it wasn’t as good as Lungs? But it’s stunning. Beautiful. & this single was a masterpiece in my eyes. I loved that it was both slow and uptempo in one song. Yes, I adored this.


MAROON 5 (ft CHRISTINA AGUILERA) – Moves Like Jagger

This single was just so much fun! It was a grower, I didn't like it initially, but goodness it's a song I really just love to listen & love to dance to, and I generally aren't a dancer! I just want to get up and behave like an idiot when this song comes on & it also has some really fun memories attached to it, namely crazy lessons & crazy teacher dancing!

PINK - F*ckin' Perfect

This single, while technically released in 2010, didn't get into the UK top 40 until 2011 so counts as this year =P Again, it was one of those songs that helped me through a dark time this year, one that put so much confidence into me & one that holds some really fun memories that I'll treasure. I love both the original and the radio edit. Both are amazing. & Pink is a woman that girls should look up to, she's herself &  that in itself is admirable.

ADELE - Set Fire to the Rain

Don't get me wrong, I loved Someone Like You but I actually prefered this single. Adele has a beautiful beautiful voice, that cannot be denied in any way, shape or form. This song I actually fell in love with because of a Doctor Who fanvid of all things, and I then just adored it from that point in. I just adore the lyrics of this song, and I just get such beautiful imagery. Pretty Thoughts it induces indeed!

COLDPLAY - Paradise

I officially adore this album. This song is just gorgeous & the video is one that has not once failed to make me smile! Definitely Coldplay's strongest work to date & it does help that Chris Martin finally has a personality! But this song I just love the sound of (& the Para, Para, Paradise can be changed to many things including Chicken, Chicken, Fried Rice when hungry). 

TONY BENNET (ft LADY GAGA) - Lady is a Tramp

Appearance Number 2 from Lady Gaga. This time I think a completely different sound! I really loved this from the moment I saw her blue hair, I just love the jazziness of it, you can tell it's truly what she loves and I love it too. It's so much fun! I love that I have such an eclectic taste in music. It makes me so happy when I stumble upon something that I wouldn't necessarily find if I wasn't so eclectic. I stumbled upon this one on YouTube on a Lady Gaga search. Best. Find. Ever. It's a complete gem <3

 CHARLENE SORAIA - Wherever You Will Go


This is one of those beautiful covers I told you about. I love the original of this song in immense amounts, but this, oh, it's stunning. I think one of the single most beautiful covers ever actually. This girl has such a beautiful voice. & I discovered this girl because of Twinings adverts! Twinings have good taste, Stephen Fry AND good music (sadly not all at once but hohum). Yes, this girl has enormous talent and I hope she doesn't just disappear of the face of the planet. I hope she does something with it & that we hear more of her in 2012!

JESSIE J - Price Tag

I suppose you could consider this the 'surprise entry' on the list. But I picked this because it is so catchy & fun & once again, has many fun memories to it! It's one of those songs that I always complain about yet sing along to when I hear it. It's fun & catchy & I want to relive all the memories that have this song in! Yeh, guilty pleasure of the year methinks!


Okay, so this one doesn't have a flashy cover or overly catchy lyrics. But it's sublime in it's beauty, it truly is. The heartfelt words & the meaning behind every single line is just beautiful and these women, & Gareth, deserve all the recognition for this masterpiece. It's truly stunning, & I hope this isn't the last we hear of these amazing women.

Finally there are a lot of special mentions in this; singles I love but decided not to include, duplicate artists (basically all of Lady Gaga's & Florence's songs. Stunning albums) So here is some pretty artwork of these singles.

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Oh, definitely with you on the Adele thing! I've always liked Someone Like You, it's sublime, but Set Fire To The Rain is my favourite on the album. <3

Music post love. Xxxx

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