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Why ME?
So, I'm posting this because after all the good in the year - I've hit a patch with my health that's triggered a relapse with my ME. So I'm not exactly amused. It's hit me so quickly, it really shocked me. Consequently I'm now back on crutches, struggling to walk, struggling to remember anything and after a meeting today I've decided to do a 3rd year of 6th form. Not ideal, means no uni in September but I think I'll be in a better place when I do finally go.

So yes, I'm now only doing 1 exam in June. Which is a godsend. A literal gift from someone. I'm going to hopefully ace the one exam I do have (chemistry) and then over the summer I can have a bit of a break, read a bit, do some fun stuff and not really have much pressure on me at all. Though I have decided to do the EPQ next year, which will be a welcomed break from monotony - although I am going to do it on a chemistry related subject, what yet is another matter. 

But yes, this is a rather distressing time for me, but the lowered pressures on me with academia has relieved a lot of stress on me. I feel a lot more positive about getting better already, and to be honest I'm surprised I haven't had to resit a year already with all what happened over the last few years. I've done the right thing, I know that. It's just taking some time to sink in that I'm not going to university in September. Where

On another note, I've started up a new sims blog; x_hellosimsWherein I will be posting a lot of sim-related goodies. Mainly my first real Legacy challenge which I shall be starting to post in the near future!


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